Our aim is to help empower clients to build their skill base and awareness so that they can become self-sufficient and help themselves. To empower them to make positive changes when mental health support needs arise.

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Better Outcomes Stars

Outcomes Star © by Triangle

A family of evidence-based tools for measuring and supporting change when working with people.

Widely used in the UK by national and local charities, Local Authorities, the NHS, Police, schools and care and support services.

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Motivational Speaking & Tailor made workshops

We feel very passionately about recognising and enabling, people to access autonomous based community support and services when they need it so they are at the Helm of the support they receive.  We seek to do this by tackling the Mental Health education of all about issues that affect our communities, and you!

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Community Services


A Father’s Child Community Services is about offering a range of Counselling and Community services in the local area.

I am a Health Professional working and volunteering in my local community with a special focus on health, well-being and positive mental attitudes.

I currently sit on the Community Independent Advisory Group for Mental Health with CATALYST 4 change.

Also a Registered member MBACP of the (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy) on a professional register that is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care.

With many years of experience in Motivational speaking, Advocacy and Counselling some of the main areas of focus include Anger Management, Depression, Addiction and I am also an Accredited professional of The Foundation for Infant Loss register.


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