A Father’s Child Community Services is a Licensed holder of the Award winning and internationally recognised evidence-based Outcomes Star© support tool by Triangle.

A tool that enables you to measure change when working with a variety of people, the  programme also aims to enable individuals and organisations to make the most of the Stars to improve key work, help supervision to be more outcomes-focused, learn from Star data and provide evidence for commissioners and other funders.

We have a variety of professionals trained in this award winning tool and can support organisations to deliver services and identify the needs of their services users with a more focused approach to support.  By using this approach we hope to contribute to identifying needs alot earlier and implementing support to minimise future cost for organisations.

We recommend that our Outcomes Star programme is used as part of our wrap around services of workshops, Counselling and mentoring packages for holistic support and well-being to provide ‘Better Outcomes’.

Meet The Team


Janet Brown                                                          Margaret Kelly

Kedisha Burrell-Brown                                        Michelle Kelly

Rhonda Devonish                                                 Steven Kelly

Wiktoria Dziabowska                                           Rochana Kelly

Nannette Edwards                                                Tamika Lake

Fiona Kerr                                                               Ilana Taylor


Some of the professional and volunteer backgrounds of our members includes Qualified Counsellors, Child and Family Support Workers, Criminologist, Psychology, Child & Integrative Professional services, Contact work, Unemployment Coach, Youth Gang & Gun violence Youth worker, Dance & Performing Arts amongst other things.