Fiona Kerr

Fiona Kerr

Fi has worked supporting women fleeing domestic abuse for many years, and has specialised in supporting young women aged 16 – 25. 

During her work delivering services at a Young Women’s Refuge, Fi was able to use her skills and tenacious work ethic to co-design and adapt the services to meet the needs of a range of young women who had experienced gender-based violence.

This was a unique opportunity to develop creative ways to engage young women and provide them with a choice relating to housing, homelessness, immigration, work and benefits, sexual health but also accessing mental health and primary care services. 

Fi provided autonomous based services allowing these women to build their knowledge base around domestic abuse awareness, as well as basic life skills such as cooking, cleaning, maintaining a tenancy, accessing education, training while providing emotional support. 

Fi’s experience now spans to her supporting people of all ages and backgrounds who have been survivors of ‘modern slavery.’  Hoping to help empower them to live a free life, supported in the knowledge that they have been empowered and can make their own choices.

Fi’s Values of empowerment and providing autonomous based services align quite well with our own and we look forward to building community equity together.