Nadean Myrie

Nadean Myrie

Nadean has been a Qualified nurse for over 10 years and has the privilege of working in various clinical settings.  Throughout the years her experience has included attending to life-threatening emergencies from the community such as the aftermath of knife crime.

Nadean’s strong work ethic and good time management allows her to carry out her duties efficiently and effectively, to deliver a high standard of service for the people she supports.

The delivery of Psycho-education to her patients helps to foster the tool of empowerment for a more self-directed package of care.  These experiences have developed her insight to help identify potential risks to health conditions such as infectious diseases, mental health, dental care, sexual health advice, and many other risks much earlier.  

Those most impacted will have been exposed to life threatening long-distance journeys, some suffering bereavements as a result.  We know that such conflicts and traumatic changes to a persons environment, can severely test a person’s emotional resilience and cause profound and long lasting psychological distress.

Nadean’s current work in a GP Clinic providing Immigration services, entails completing heath screening, new assessments, providing front line services to those most vulnerable and often with no recourse to public funding.  With a keen eye to identify those individuals that need a swift referral to achieve the most positive outcomes, and a more comprehensive service. 

As early intervention is proven to be successful in a more positive outcome for mental health support. The aims and goals of A Father’s Child Services CIC align with that of her own and we hope to do some positive work together in the future.