Outcomes Star

A Father’s Child Services CIC is a Licensed holder of the Award winning and internationally recognised evidence-based Outcomes Star© support tool by Triangle.

A tool that enables you to measure change when working with a variety of people, the programme aims to enable individuals and organisations to improve youth/key work, help supervision to be more outcomes focused for employers, while learning from Star data to implement best practice and provide evidence where necessary.

Award winning Tool

We recommend that our Outcomes Star programme for children & families are used in conjunction with our wrap around services as part of a Family Early Help Assessment/Common Assessment Framework (CAF) but can be just as effective stand alone programme. 

We offer Counselling and mentoring packages for holistic support and well-being to provide ‘Better Outcomes‘ for our young people in The West Midlands.  Our young people are experiencing mental health more now in the era of Social Media:

  • Seven are likely to have been bullied
  • Six may be self-harming
  • One could have experienced the death of a parent
  • 10 are likely to have witnessed their parents seperate
  • 3 could have a mental disorder

In an average group of 30 15-year-olds:

Record levels of young people are struggling. Academic pressuresocial media,  bullyingpoverty, lack of availability of professional mental health support – all have been named as contributing to this epidemic of poor mental health in our young people.

Let’s work together to see how we can help.