Stop & Search Workshops Know Your Rights!

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Our response to Covid-19 has been to reduce our prices making our services more affordable to the people that need them.
Our Stop & Search Workshops are delivered Face to Face and Virtually for children and young people aged 10 years old and upwards.  We actively encourage Adults to undergo our workshops, so they are best placed to advice their children, family, friends and people you support around their rights.
The Intergenerational impact of educating young people has unspoken power and Legacy.
Delivered by our in House Trainer, we provide workshops in the West Midlands to schools and academies around the controversial Stop & Search Power.  Our trainer also sits as a member of the affiliated Stop & Search scrutiny panel for The West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioners office, aiming to ensure the safe implementation of the power.
We provide Guidance for those that need it and useful resources to take away.
Stop & Search is a process that is embedded with your Fundamental Human Rights Attached.  If you do not know your rights, Here is your chance.
Article 5 protects your right to liberty and security
It focuses on protecting individuals’ freedom from unreasonable detention, as opposed to protecting personal safety.
You have a right to your personal freedom. This means you must not be imprisoned or detained without good reason.
You have legal rights underpinned by legislation during a Stop & Search.