Terms & Conditions

Participants MUST attend and complete all Face to Face, self directed and Online study sessions to receive their completion certificate for all our training courses where required.

Some of our products will be co-delivered, where this is the case it will be clearly advertised. Where funding is in place for your service, please ensure you read the Terms & Conditions fully to understand your responsibilities in accepting our funding.

We limit numbers to 16 people per MHFA England 2 day course so that the instructor can keep people safe and supported while they learn. For some of our other products this may vary.

Please read all terms carefully.

  1. Choose the date and curriculum you wish to attend.
  2. You must be 16+ to sign up for our MHFA training, others may be age specific.
  3. Our training products are either an ONLINE or Face to Face training course held by A Father’s Child Services CIC, and it’s employees and partners.
  4. Organisations CANNOT be allocated any more than 1 staff member on any course that is FREE or Subsidised
  5. Full course registration is required to be completed within 5 days of your initial sign up.
  6. You are sometimes REQUIRED to complete the self-directed training online PRIOR to attending some of our ONLINE or Face to Face training. (Failure to complete this prior to the date you signed up for your course, will result in you not being able to complete the remainder of the training. In this instance it will be clearly stated.)
  7. Where the training has not been completed, no Refund will be provided if you are removed from the course, and no substitute will be provided.
  8. Similarly we expect delegates conduct to be respectful and reserve the right to remove any delegate causing a disruption.
  9. You will not be provided with an alternative space, or a refund if this happens.
  10. If you signed up and are unable to make it; please let our team know at afcsmhfa@gmail.com a minimum of 120 hours  (5 working Days/1 week) before the training date. This is required for any refund to be issued. In any event as soon as possible.
  11. After registration, you will receive specific instructions via e-mail to complete the course registration, Self-Directed training and exercises, for ONLINE courses. You will have between 1 to 2 weeks (5-7 working days) to complete this prior to the training where specified. Any delays in materials will be advised at the time of booking.
  12. Or provided with full details of where to attend for your or Face to Face learning.  You will have a minimum of 1 to 2 weeks (5-10 working days) to complete any self directed learning prior to the training where specified.
  13. All materials are paper based and/or virtual. (Manual, Workbook/Guide, resources etc will be posted out prior to the training event) for ONLINE courses. Face to face will be issued on attendance.
  14. A Father’s Child Services CIC FREE Psycho-educational Resources and marketing materials will be provided where available, and a charge for packaging & posting may apply.
  15. You are required to have a computer or laptop with video and audio functions to attend the Virtual training.  Smart phones and Pads are NOT suitable for this training, as compatibility issues have been reported.
  16. It is your responsibility as a delegate prior to the session, to check your web browser and compatibility for the ONLINE courses, the link that is sent to you should be placed on your browser/Organisations safe list. We recommend Google Chrome the latest version.
  17. Where delegates are taking this course from a place of work, they should ensure their employers IT team have updated the link details for Enabley/Zoom or other platforms we may use, to the safe list for the programme duration.
  18. Any questions please e-mail afcsmhfa@gmail.com
  19. Training sessions are subject to be cancelled or postponed due to minimum participants required.  You will be notified at the earliest possible time where this is the case, and provided with an alternative date in the first instance.
  20. In light of Covid-19, all Face to Face training will be reviewed in line with Government guidance. Appropriate social distancing will be adhered too on site, but the training may be converted to ONLINE in the event the Government guidance or risk assessments at the time if it dictates it. All other conditions remain the same.
  21. A non refundable Deposit may be required for some of our FREE courses, you will be made aware at the time of booking.
  22. If all information to register you on our courses/programmes is not received within the specified time (7 days), you may be removed from the course without notification.
  23. If you have been removed from any course/programme you will not be permitted to register on a new course/programme in the future without a £60 non refundable Deposit being paid prior to full registration.
  24. Counselling project – £30 refers to the fee for all unemployed persons and those that provide evidence of financial hardship.
  25. Funded Projects – In depth Report writing is not included as part of our funded services and if required by referring source there will be a fee applicable, which will be based on the depth or the report required.
  26. Any fee for all other sliding scale clients, will be reduced only at the discretion of AFCS CIC. Our decision is final.
  27. Publicity – Where consents have been given and photos taken to publicise the services, they will be used on AFCS social media account, website and other mediums to promote our services.
    You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting afatherschildservicescic@gmail.com
  28. We have a zero tolerance approach on any, and all forms of abuse. AFCS CIC management decisions are final.